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Curl Tea Blog


The only place I will shop for all my beauty needs! It's amazing I can buy products for my 3 daughters, my husband and myself. It feels good to get products made by companies that care about us. I will forever shop at Erica's. 

Brianna Peterson

I think Erica's Beauty Shop is bomb! No other place not even target has this many of my favorite brands in one place. I hope they turn their online store into physical stores because I will never shop anywhere else. My shipping took awhile, but Erica was very open about the delay they were experiencing. I was happy I waited because everything arrived perfectly and this beautiful box!

Jasmine Peters

I've been shopping here since they launched in July. I love it the shipping is fairly quick, the product offering is large I get hair products for my whole family. I wouldn't shop anywhere else for my products. Not to mention the packaging is super cute!

Briane Lowell

Love this store! It's still very new so they are still getting it together but i had an amazing experience shopping here. I placed my order on a Monday it shipped within a few hours. The items arrived packaged beautifully it's a gray and yellow box their was a button and sticker in the box as well. Just off the packaging alone I will shop here again. Not to mention I can buy products for myself and hubby here as well. I will be shopping at Ericas beauty shop for a long time to come!

Layla Ball