How To Pick The Right Products For Your Natural Hair

We know picking the right products for your hair can be tricky. We wanted to help! Here’s a list of items to consider to help you select the right products for your box! 

  1. Texture Matters, but its not everything. 
    1. It’s good to know your hair type because it will provide you with a starting point for the best care practices and what types of products are likely to be best suited for your hair.
  2.  Know Your Hair Porosity
    1. Hair porosity measures how your hair absorbs and retains moisture. So if you are looking to keep moisture in your hair, it’s super important to know this! Simply take a strand of hair and drop it in a cup of water. If it sinks to the bottom your hair high porosity. If it stays in the middle your normal. If it floats on top your have low porosity. 
  3.  Your Hair’s Health
    1. Hair that is damaged will have different needs from healthy hair. Hair that is damaged may also be porous, making products rich in proteinmore ideal whereas, on the other end of the spectrum, protein products may make healthy hair stiff and dry.
  4. Understanding How To Use Your Products
    1. Often oils and butter are mistaken for moisturizers. Water and water-based products are moisturizers. Oils and kinds of butter are used sealing in moisture and preventing moisture loss. While some stylers are moisturizing, some are specifically for styling. When you understand the proper usage of products you are going to set the right expectations and get more satisfying results.
  5. Think About How You Will Be Styling Your Hair 
    1. If you are looking to do mainly twist outs you will be looking for something with a good hold. If you like wash ‘n gos you will want to get a good gel. 
  6.  Price (You Don’t Have to Go Broke)
    1. Our boxes are made for this exact reason to help you keep your hair and avoid breaking the banking. Our Killin’ The Game box is $50 and ships every other month.

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