3 Skincare Mistakes Most Men Make

As a man a skincare routine may not be top priority, but it is essential! We wanted to help men get their skincare routines together by highlight the 5 mistakes most men make and how to fix them. 

1. Not Using Proper Post-Shave Products 

This is very important to use products that will aide in combating ingrown hair and stubble bumps. For a nice smooth shave it is import that you use a before and after treatment to help avoid this. Product We Suggest: 

- Frederick Benjamin Grooming Bump Clear - Post Shave & Bump Treatment

2. Washing Face With Harsh Soaps

Most men will wash their face with the same bar of soap they used to wash their bodies with. Fellas we are here to tell you that is a NO NO! Invest in a proper face wash and scrub to keep the acne at bay and have glowing skin as well! Because you deserve it you know. Face Washes We Suggest: 

- Golden Grooming Co. - Hydrating Face Wash

- Scotch Porter Restoring Face Wash

- DG Grooming Essentials Refine Face & Beard Wash


3. Not Moisturizing Your Face

Even as a man it is imperative to moisturize your face after washing. Does your skin ever get tight? It's because you need to put some moisture back into your routine! Over drying the skin can lead to breakouts which is something you don't want! Moisturizers We Suggest: 

- Scotch Porter Moisture Defend Face Lotion

- Golden Grooming Co. - Green Tea Daily Face Moisturizer

- Koils By Nature Men's Beard + Face Moisturizer

Need help building your grooming routine then take our grooming quiz: https://ericasbeautyshop.com/pages/grooming-quiz

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