3 Styles To Try For Type 4 Hair

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We wanted to create an article of 3 hairstyles all our type 4 naturals could recreate during their time at home! We know keeping your hair done inside the house might sound crazy but it’s important to keep our hair well-taken care under any circumstances. 

Bantu Knots

Photo by Federico Beauty Institute

Photo by Federico Beauty Institute

Bantu Knots are an amazing style that can be worn as is or can be taken down to be worn in a curly style. In the plain sense of it Bantu Knots are small buns sectioned around the head. They can be dressed up with hair jewelry and have become very popular. You can achieve this look with products found on our website , we suggest a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner if you plan on wearing a style as is. We also recommend a styling cream with a good hold. Our product of choice is Chubby Curls Coconut Styling Cream. It is a hydrating and medium hold styler which is perfect for Bantu Knots. 

Box Braids


This is the ultimate style we all wished we had during quarantine. Box braids are simple easy style if you one know how to braid and two braids while adding hair! Another form of this style is knotless braids, but we will save it for another day. This style is amazing for protecting your ends and keeping your hair away from any potential breakage. Make sure to select products that provide intense moisture as this style can be worn for up to 4 weeks. Our product of choice is the CURLS Ultimate Styling Collection B Smooth Curl Butter! It provides a no-flake hold for protective style. 

Twist Outs


Twist outs is another style that can be worded as twists or unraveled. Depending on what you are looking to do! We suggest keeping them in as that would be the perfect quarantine style plus making it a protective hairstyle. We suggest as a style Mielle Organics Pomegranate + Honey Twisting Souffle! The product was formulated for the type 4 naturals and gives the moisture, shine and hold needed to slay this style. 

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