About Erica A.


Erica's  natural hair journey started her senior year of high school. She went through many stages of transitioning to just big chopping before going off to college.

She received her bachelor's degree from Pennsylvania State University in Journalism and is a certified sports journalist. However, during her time away at school, she found it hard to find her favorite natural hair products. She wished that there was a website that brought her local beauty supply store to her college dorm and apartment.

From that struggle, she created Erica's Beauty Shop, which was a online subscription box company that did precisely that! It is was a unique way to bring your at-home beauty supply store to your door for men, women, and families.

She aimed Erica's Beauty Shop at the college student away from home, the busy mom who doesn't always have the time to buy hair products or the working professional who doesn't want to have to worry about ever running out of products.

While never forgetting her core audience your every day natural/curly/loc girl or guy. Erica's Beauty Shop was a natural hair subscription box done right!

From there she restructured Erica's Beauty Shop to Erica's to create a hub where black beauty brands could live. In doing that she created the a platform that now host the largest selection of black + latina owned products. 

Products from haircare, skincare, makeup, kids, hair care, men's and tools + accessories all created by black + latina owners. She will continue to open store across the countries that will highlight these brands on a larger level. 

"Products For You, Created By People Like You"