CurlMix Pure Avocado Moisturizer with Organic Jojoba Oil for Moisturizing Hair & Lavender Fragrance

CurlMix Pure Avocado Moisturizer with Organic Jojoba Oil for Moisturizing Hair & Lavender Fragrance

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Our moisturizer was handpicked by our CurlMixers. 

They say that this is the best moisturizer that they've ever used. 

Their biggest complaint was having to share it with the rest of their family. 

The key ingredient is Avocado Butter, which has conditioning qualities and a rich, buttery-soft texture, that nourishes and hydrates.

The Avocado fruit contains oils rich in unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins A, B, C and E, proteins, lecithin, and potassium.

From curly to kinky women, CurlMixers LOVE the hydration they get from using this Pure Avocado Moisturizer. 

The next key ingredient is Organic Jojoba Oil. It is most like the natural "sebum" (sticky oil-like substance) that our scalp produces.

Spreading that oil to the tips of our strands provides a healthier environment for growth and increases moisture levels. 

You'll also smell like you've just run through a field of flowers.

Size - 8 oz

Fragrance - Lavender


Distilled Water: Purified water that minimizes bacteria growth in hair products.

Avocado Butter: A rich butter with an incredibly soft texture that has conditioning properties.

Organic Jojoba Oil: Is an oil that most resembles the natural sebum (or oil) that our scalp produces. It is moisturizing and very absorbent.

Vegetable Glycerin: Helps to blend the ingredients and to moisturize your strands

Behentrimonium Chloride: A natural salt used as a conditioning agent that is derived from colza oil which is similar to the popular canola oil many people cook with. BHM emulsifies the product and makes your hair super soft. If you're worried about toxicity, don't, see the Environmental Working Group's review of the ingredient. It is a 3 out of 10, 10 being toxic. It's also less than 3% of the product. 

Guar Gum: All-natural thickener that combines the gel, oil, and liquids.

Preservative: Optiphen PLUS, a mild preservative used to prevent the growth of bacteria in your product.

Fragrance: A beautiful Lavender fragrance. 

Citric Acid: A natural ingredient found in citrus fruits that prevents the oils from going rancid and oxidizing.